Child/Youth Therapy & Counseling

I work with children 6 years old and older who are experiencing life and family changes, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems and family conflict. I utilize child-centered play therapy and incorporate art and sandplay in treatment with children. Play therapy uses the child's language of play to help them express their feelings and needs in ways that talking cannot. Additionally, I utilize sandplay and art in helping children integrate life experiences that may be confusing and discomforting for them. Therapy can help children learn to manage out of control emotions and regain a sense of stability and mastery in their world.

How do you know if your child is in need of therapy? Some signs to look for include sudden behavior changes, lack of interest in otherwise pleasurable activities, isolation, sleep disturbances, nightmares, change in appetite, a drop in grades at school, increased anger or irritability, or increased impulsivity.

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