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Our culture places many demands on our time and energy, often leaving us feeling emotionally unavailable to ourselves, partners, children and friends. Individual and family stress often leads to conflict, anger, blaming and feeling dissatisfied with life. Despite life's many challenges, it is possible to find peace and joy!

I am a Denver, Colorado psychotherapist specializing in adult, couples, family and child counseling. I view therapy as a collaborative process between therapist and client. I provide a nurturing environment for clients to strengthen and deepen their interpersonal relationships, and feel better about themselves and their world.

I invite you to explore my website to give you a sense of my approach to therapy and the healing process. To learn more about my Denver therapy services, please call me directly for a FREE initial phone consultation at 720-939-8399 or email me.

Julie Chrzanowski, MA LPC

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Julie Chrzanowski, MA, LPC
Psychotherapist in Denver